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Tier 2 supplier to auto OEMs fixes Driver ID challenge.

A little while ago we published a thought piece on the development of our Bluetooth Low Energy Tag and a subsequent follow-up on A Bluetooth Tag and IoT. We are excited to report that regulatory pressure has prompted thought and indeed action, bringing our concept to life!

Insurance industry bodies in Belgium, Netherlands and the UK mandate Driver ID as part of accredited vehicle security solutions.

REDTAIL was asked to be part of an engineering design partnership responding to that requirement.



The challenge:  to evolve our Bluetooth Tag product for use in an aftermarket OEM vehicle solution to enable:

– Unique association of one or more Bluetooth Tags with the vehicle, through a secure mating process, overseen and managed by a remote server

– Recognition of “mated” Bluetooth Tags upon each journey start event

– Detection of unauthorized vehicle use, triggering a series of events associated with Stolen Vehicle Recovery, including:-

  • Alarm
  • Immobilisation
  • Remote alerting, monitoring and tracking
  • Location by police
  • Recovery

The Systems Integration challenge brings together OEM, Tier 1 Service Provider and Tier 2 supplier (REDTAIL!).

The strength of genuine partnership approaches to engineering solutions has realized a time to market of just eight months.

Aside from the regulator, and the need for the OEM to think beyond its line fit to this Aftermarket Accessory solution, the most persuasive benefit is greater peace of mind for the car owner. The launch bundle will include device plus two Bluetooth Tags, and the solution can mate with up to four.





So how can this play a compelling role in the larger eco system?

I have been asked many times by both personal and commercial lines, and fleet customers ‘Can your devices capture driver ID ?’. To date, the reply has offered an unconvincing reliance on App sign-in.

The addition of the Bluetooth Tag to our portfolio provides a technically and commercially viable solution that confirms with necessary regulation, pleases insurers, and can greatly increase driver confidence in vehicle security.