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Telematics trials and pilot testing: Why it’s so important to Test and Try…

Bluetooth tag for Stolen Vehicle Recovery

REDTAIL likes to innovate.  Recently, we developed a Bluetooth tag for our Stolen Vehicle Recovery customers and markets.  Additionally, it has applications in the Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) space, combined with our app.  So, we identified a small number of prospects to Beta test this new solution for a ‘low mileage’ proposition.  Essentially, our own internal telematics trial!  The density and detail in the test enabled us to measure and refine all aspects of the proposition.

From Tag fulfillment to journey recording quality and immediacy.  As our test panel was geographically dispersed, it also allowed us to scrutinize differing consumer attitudes to our communication.  For example, App & Tag pairing instructions.

Our key findings were as follows:

  • Keep it simple

Regardless of geography, demographic or aptitude, we need to keep things simple. In fact, feedback from the testing made us realize we were too close to it. We in the REDTAIL team understood how to establish contact between Tag and smartphone.  This meant we knew the process was easy. However, we had overcomplicated the process. Don’t worry, the trial feedback prompted revisions of flow, language and screens for a better policyholder experience.

  • Journey recording

Mmmm…….Melbourne, Australia is different to Haywards Heath, England. Who knew? Distances, built-up areas, canyons, water – all challenging. Machine learning combined with the genuine appetite for embracing the new and unknown enables our engineers and data scientists to embrace all.

  • Multiple drivers one vehicle; Multiple vehicles for one driver

The reality of today’s mobility must be reflected in our technology capabilities. The family – parents and offspring sharing cars. The family – own two perhaps three cars, and family members may drive all or at least a couple of those.

In other words, journey recording and consequent driver profile must be unique and personalized.  This is important for UBI to work effectively with engagement. There are many component options: unique IDs; analysis of driving style and routes; work in progress……. luckily, we evolve our solution with you in line with the nature of your book.



Telematics trials: Learning and adapting

This is not new.

Throughout our journey as pioneers, we have evangelized the use of testing.  In fact, we see it as a necessary and productive stage in technical and commercial development.  Whether in vehicle tracking, young driver scoring, low mileage propositions or more latterly Connected Vehicle Data for usage-based insurance.  Tests, trials, pilots – whatever term you use – it is always important, providing that you learn from the results!

Our experience dictates that no IoT program is vanilla.  Whether UBI, OEM vehicle tracking or water management in Arizona.  As a result, we believe that telematics trials are a hugely sensible and practical approach to commercial risk.  This is because, they provide an opportunity to test technology and process flow, data integrity and value on a small subset of market or audience or assets.  So, if you have an opportunity in mind, get in touch and we can build one of our robust and rewarding telematics trials with you.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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