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Connected Vehicle – what does that mean to you?

Most cars produced since 2019 can (with the owner’s consent), produce a stream of data describing where and how the vehicle is being driven.  OEMs produce this in their own different formats, but Redtail converts the OEM data into our standard format and thus making it viewable on our portals to help insurers assess risk and manage claims.

The Connected Vehicle data can also help fleet managers understand how they can manage their fleet more efficiently and effectively.

As a journey is completed the data is (within a minute in most cases) transformed into our standard format for Journeys for you to use.  This OEM data is now identical to data created from our devices.


We can push out a notification as soon as a journey is ready.

When a notification is received, a customer can call our API to download a JSON document containing detailed 1Hz data describing the journey.  This document is in the same format as documents created by our devices.


Connected Vehicles can produce additional event data.

Connected Vehicles can produce additional event data that may be relevant to understanding the risk of a driver making a claim.  For example, we know if the passenger seat is occupied or not.  This may mean a claim for injury may be increased or prevent fraud.    We are also told if driver aids such as traction control are enabled.  These may mean the likelihood of an accident (or the severity of damage) is reduced.


Many of our customers have large investments in existing systems.

We are happy to work with you to create bespoke feeds to integrate with your new or existing systems and data, even including translating between different measurement methods such as time and distance.

REDTAIL is trying to help you, the motor insurer, to realise long promised scale with actionable, valuable telematics data relevant for ever-broader segments within your book.

And most likely segments not yet in your book.  Our Connected Vehicle data is immediate, rich, and validated through our typically robust Proof of Concept testing.  It is available to you via our flexible and open APIs.  Plus, Redtail offers accessible and manageable web portals and mobile apps that can be tailored to your specific requirements.  And lastly, there are rich and powerful additional datasets available set to enhance proposition and claims evolution going forward.

We are excited to start your journey of Connected Vehicle and its place in the world of IoT technology.