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How does Coronavirus relate to your car battery?

Redtail Telematics does black box tracking of cars for fleets and insurance and to help drivers drive better. But Redtail’s clever black box can do other things as well. Right now, while your car is on its drive going nowhere fast, our black box can monitor the state of your battery and warn you that it is time to run your engine or put your battery on charge, before it’s too late and you have to call out roadside assistance.

Redtail has studied the battery voltages required to start a car reliably and reprogrammed our black boxes in situ so that they send battery status information to their DataWarehouse. In turn, this information is translated into alerts that can be pushed out to the vehicle owner by email or SMS.

Redtail’s Red-Amber-Green system can be viewed at any time in the Redtail apps, and the Red state can be set to trigger an alert. Keeping the battery in the green state will also lengthen its service life!

Dr Colin Smithers, Redtail CEO said “Redtail is a one stop shop Telematics company serving insurance, fleet and OEM customers, and so it is easy for us to re-program our boxes over the air and modify the data warehouse functionality to create these custom alerts, and all done 100% remotely from our homes”.

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For more information on the Coronavirus, you can visit the UK Gov website.