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Cheaper insurance and improved driver safety cited as key influencers

However, the insurance sector still has work to do in terms of convincing UK drivers of the benefits delivered by telematics as nearly 30% of those surveyed stated that they could think of no reasons to change from traditional motor insurance policies.

A recent survey by BIBA (British Insurance Brokers’ Association) has revealed that there are nearly one million telematics policies live in the UK – an increase of nearly 30 percent on the 2016 figure.

The top 5 reasons that UK drivers would choose telematics-based motor insurance policies according to Redtail Telematics/YouGov research:


Why motorists choose telematics insurance

Commenting on the Redtail Telematics/YouGov research and what this means for telematics in the car insurance industry, Redtail Telematics CEO, Dr Colin Smithers said: “Developments in the car insurance market have the potential to revolutionise the way we drive and how we guard against the risks of poor driver behaviour, but as the research highlights, there is still a process of education that needs to take place to convince the 30% of those surveyed who see no incentive to switch to using telematics”.

Dr Smithers concludes: “The increased use of telematics has important implications for anyone who might consider taking up a a telematics-based insurance policy, policymakers and for society as a whole. Widespread use of telematics is also likely to lead to better driving and fewer fatalities. BRAKE, the UK road safety charity estimates that there were 1,793 deaths due to road traffic accidents in 2018; How many lives would be saved if drivers knew they could save large amounts of money by paying more attention to their driving habits? As a parent who has used such policies, the reality is it’s the effects on one’s childs driving that are so much more important than the discount.