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Another acronym.  I know what it means for me, but was mildly amused by results from GTM – Definition by AcronymFinder, which include Great Tibetan Marathon (sounds hilly), Garfield the Movie (Bill Murray funny), and pervasively (and perhaps unsurprisingly) top of list Google Tag Manager.

For me, and for our ‘fairer motor insurance for Australia’ partner KOBA, it means Go To Market.


More importantly, it means genuine collaboration on a detailed action plan to fulfill market needs in a timely and (crucially) cash-conscious manner.  A little more detail:


Starts with an idea, a hunch – in this case prompted by ByMiles success with a low-mileage proposition in the UK – new and promising in Australia.  Can be corroborated with primary or desk research into appetite and competition, and of course a sense of the economics of the thing.  And I’d like to think REDTAIL added a little insight in discussion with KOBA CEO Andrew Wong on multiple early morning/early evening chats.


Having qualified demand, how to get there? Clearly where the KOBA/REDTAIL partnership intensified was around the device/data solution. We (and I mean we) understand the options for miles tracking device, and its necessary connectivity with appropriate network provider. REDTAIL (Cambridge UK) and KOBA software folk (Mike, Rock Creek and Jon, Anaheim, both USA) defining API access and configuration to generate journey data of value

And then engaging with Erica, KOBA Brand Communications Director on minutiae of device packaging, branding, and consumer communication around product and service.

And then sorting fulfilment logistics with and through our Clarion Malaysia manufacturing facility through to KOBA partner Intellitrac.

And then liaising with Andrew W. on launch plans and demand build up and forecast and readiness and timing and cashflow (vital for start-up)…… all amidst a global pandemic. Same for all of us, right?


Soft launch mid-August, hard launch early October. Devices are delivered, test journeys evident, early adopter marketing underway (PRE-REGISTER NOW at KOBA Insurance – Pay Per KM Car Insurance), and now the exciting part:



Keep you posted………