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The warm weather is on its way… maybe! For some of us, it might already be here. For others (like us in the UK), the weather is notoriously unpredictable. One thing is for sure, the average highs we experience during the warmer months are on the up. In a country where highs in the 30s were considered extreme, this now seems to be the norm during our summer high.

For example, the risk of punctures goes up by 20% in warm weather – that’s surprisingly high!

Plus, I recently found out that roadside callouts increase by 20% (30% along the coast) when it’s hot! Furthermore, cars are 50% more likely to overheat in warm weather. So, what can we do to help prevent us from becoming part of those statistics?

Hopefully, the tips included below will help you keep your vehicle in good shape when it gets hot, hot, hot!

Tips for beneficial car maintenance in warm weather:

  • Check your brakes

    • If you notice excessive grinding, squealing, screeching or chatter, these could indicate a problem so get them checked
  • Pay attention to your car’s temperature and pull over if the light comes on or the thermometer enters the red zone

    • Driving even a short distance with an overheated engine can cause serious damage. Leave the engine to cool down before driving again and do NOT try to cool the engine quickly with cold water. A sudden change in temperature could also damage the engine
  • Your windscreen wipers might need some TLC too

    • Wipe away dirt and debris that might have accumulated. If they look a bit worse for wear, make sure you replace them (all that snow and ice can take its toll)


  • Check your battery!!

    • While your vehicle battery could die at any time of the year, hot temperatures can have a particular impact. Consider getting your battery health checked before making a long journey! Or get a Redtail tracker (our devices monitor your battery health and send a notification if it looks like your battery is on its way out).
  • Give your vehicle a good wash!

    • The salt build-up on your vehicle from months of driving along salt-laid and snowy/icy roads can damage the paintwork. Why not show your vehicle some love by giving it a good thorough clean to wash that build-up away?


  • Make sure your tire pressure is ok

    • Temperature fluctuations can affect the air levels in your tires. Either over or under-inflated tires can make you a risk on the road
  • Top up those fluids!

    • Remember to check, top off or replace all fluids. That includes oil, brake, transmission, coolant, power steering and windscreen washer fluid


  • Make sure your air conditioning unit is working correctly

    • If it doesn’t feel cold enough, get it checked. You might need to replace the air filters or get more refrigerant
  • Give your interiors a clean

    • Cleaning the inside of your vehicle can help extend the life of your vehicle interior. It’s the same principle as how washing and waxing the outside protects the exterior
  • It’s also a good idea to have an emergency kit

    • Things to consider include water, phone charger and first aid kit. You might even want to consider some antihistamines/hay fever tablets if you suffer from hay fever! Hay fever symptoms such as excessive sneezing or itchy eyes can make you a risk behind the wheel.  Something to consider if you’re prone to suffering from these symptoms


Hopefully, you’ve found some or all of these tips helpful in keeping your car working in the heat.  If you think we’ve missed any, why not add a comment below to let us know what your top tips are for keeping your car going when it’s hot?