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To-date, Redtail has supplied TRACKER with over 250,000 black box devices, and six million devices to the wider LoJack licensee base.

Redtail Telematics, established provider of integrated telematics solutions to the insurance, fleet and stolen vehicle recovery sectors, today celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of their collaboration with TRACKER Network, the UK’s market leader in vehicle tracking and stolen vehicle recovery.

The Redtail Telematics team started working with the nascent TRACKER Network team while they were being established as LoJack’s UK licensee. Redtail Telematics was spun out of Plextek Limited, the award-winning communications technology design house. Redtail has recently commenced work on the next generation of TRACKER product innovations, which includes using the latest digital radio technology, to capture new markets in 2018.

Redtail Telematics - Tracker


Since the beginning of the collaboration Redtail Telematics has delivered 250,000 black-box devices to TRACKER Network, whilst also delivering six million devices to the wider LoJack licensee base.

In recent years, Redtail Telematics has provided TRACKER Network with devices for fleet tracking and for UBI, supplying Direct Line, Privilege and Churchill.


Over the decades, the Redtail team has been responsible for major system enhancements for TRACKER and LoJack, such as the invention of their ‘uplink’ technology (allowing the difficult reverse link from the car to the hill-top radio site achieving 95% UK population coverage with just sixty-two masts), auto-tuning of the covert antenna and achieving IP67 environmental sealing, allowing installation in areas that are regularly jet-washed.


Commenting on the partnership, Mr. James Moore of TRACKER Network said: “TRACKER has been very lucky to have had the constant technical capabilities and support of the Redtail Telematics team on hand. Their continuous innovation and attention to quality supply have held us in good stead in pursuing growth in core and developing markets.”

Dr.Colin Smithers, Founder and CEO of Redtail Telematics commented: “It has been a delight to be able to continue to watch TRACKER grow and develop over the decades and to have become a trusted supplier over this time. As TRACKER continues to evolve in serving new and diverse markets, we have been able to support that ambition with our unique DNA in sensors, signals, and data.”